Poem for a very gifted Painter –
Msanii Prinz Malack Kelvin Silas


„Unconditional Love“ or „God is smiling“

 catch one moment
of eternity forever
you fall and feel
never the pain
from an impact
It takes you away.
It fly with you
through the dark clouds.

A bright light –
The Love – the power
inside you
let you feel

    The warm magnificent „Yellow
is proud like you
because a part from the sun
come on earth
like a „Prinz from heaven“

The glowing Red
it comes as group of
hilarious gigglingly angels
danse wild with you
over the wide brown
like the native soil –
you remember
all the good roots
find a place in it.

There is a smell
from Naivasha

The blue is setting
like a drop of water
on your lips
refreshes and chills you

The green whisper to you
like the gras
that have a date
with the brother wind
let you hear all melodies
they want to escort you
whereever you go

All the violet,
grey and gloomy shadows
can never follow you again.

Mighty and gentle
do you forgive
with a generous sign.

God is smiling
when you feel the
unconditional love